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Bra fitting tips from Naturana

Bra fitting tips from Naturana


Recent figures suggest that 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong fitted bra – a pretty shocking figure considering how much time we spend wearing them, every single day of the year! There are so many different types of bras, from wired to non wired, push up to balconette and sports bras too.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they need to be properly fitted for perfect comfort and the support that you need.

Here are some tips from lingerie experts Naturana Ltd:

1.      Bra Band.  A bra should be level from front to back.  Too many women wear their bras riding up at the back, which means that the bra band size is too big.  Another sign that the band is too big is when your breasts are falling out from the bottom of your bra.  If the band is too tight, so that it digs into your flesh or is just plain uncomfortable, it is too small.

2.      Bra Cups.  Our bra cups should be large enough to prevent the breasts from bulging or falling out from the neckline or sides of the bra.  If your bust overspills at the front, creating the ‘extra boob’ effect, your cup size is too small.  If your bra has a creased effect across the cups, then they are too large, and you need to go down size.  After fastening your bra, try lifting your arms. Is any part of the breast visible from under the bottom of your cup?   If so, your cup may be too small or your bra band may be too big.   If you are wearing the correct bra there should be no movement at all.

3.      Underwired Bras.  An underwired bra should rest comfortably flat against your ribcage.  If the underwire is too small it will be dig into the breast, meaning that you need a larger size. If the underwire is too large, it will dig into your armpit, which means you need a smaller size.

4.      Straps: Do your straps cut into your shoulders, causing discomfort throughout the day?  If so the fit is wrong – the straps should not be doing most of the work! 

5.      Hooks and Eyes.  When you first get your new bra, the ideal is for the bra to be secured on the first setting.  As you continue to wear your bra, the side panels will stretch and you will need to move to the middle, and eventually the last set.  Try to avoid buying a bra where the best fit is already the bra’s tightest setting, if you want it to last as long as possible.  

6.      Washing.  And finally, washing instructions;  Hand washing where ever possible is best.  There are two golden rules - underwired bras should never be put in the washing machine, and don’t ever put your bra the tumble dryer, as it will completely loose its shape!

Try and make friends with your local lingerie store.  They will have the experience and knowledge and can advise on what styles suits you best.