Naturana Supporting curves since 1917

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Naturana, History & Heritage - Supporting curves since 1917. 


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2015 - Modern shapewear conquers the market.

Women discover its incredible figure flattering effects. Naturana launches "Perfect body" - a comprehensive collection of underwear solutions for different body shapes. 

Today Naturana is an international company with 3 core brands delivering products to over 50 countries. 


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2000 - Guaranteeing the highest level of comfort

The Naturana minimiser bra generates an enthusiastic response from women all over the world, new techniques make it possible to produce bras without seams.

This guarantees the highest level of comfort.


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1990 - Re-inventing the lingerie & corsetry industry  

The lingerie and corsetry industry re-invented itself during the ‘90’s thanks to the development of microfibre.  

Naturana was one of the first companies to introduce this into their collections in the 1990s.  

Microfibre creates a major design development for lingerie, providing a soft touch, a smooth look and a material that is breathable.


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1980 - Heralding a new era for the company

Heralding a new era for the company, two new brands - Irma la Douce and Eva are launched, celebrating the femininity and sensuality of the female form.


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1970 - The Star Bra

Whilst some women were burning their bras, naturana were developing a new product – the star bra. 

This new style was a polyester bra with a cross over front. This style continues to be one of the company’s bestselling models, with over 30 million items manufactured and sold since its creation.


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1963 - Lichfield - Home of Naturana UK 

Naturana set up their uk sales, marketing, accounts and warehouse distribution centre in Lichfield, Staffordshire, where it still operates from today.


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1960 - Naturana launched in the uk 

The first bra with lycra is produced. Gerhard Dőlker, the grandson of the founder now runs the business.  

The 1960’s saw the introduction of elastane in corsetry which changed the industry as a whole.  

The 1960’s also saw the internationalisation of the company, when the company was first launched in the uk. 


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1950 - The Cone bra & Girdle 

Naturana expands and now produces 48 subsidiaries in Germany. 

During 1950’s their bestseller of the period was the rigid cotton bra with circular stitches. It was produced by naturana in shiny satin with overstitched cup and matching girdle, creating an hourglass look which was so popular with the many glamorous film stars of the time,  such as Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.


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1930 Naturana is launched

The Naturana brand is launched & the two sons of the founder enter the company

Possibly one of the most important developments in lingerie over the last century was the creation of the bra, which started to free women from the constraints of rigid corseting.  

Naturana was at the forefront of this revolution, providing women with practical everyday underwear, at an affordable price. This ethos is as much in evidence today as it was then, and forms the basis of the Naturana product range.


Naturana History 11

1917 - The Carl Dőlker Corset Factory founded 

Carl Dőlker founded the Carl Dőlker Corset Factory in 19171920 - Natura and Naturalis. 

Carl Dőlker develops Natura and Naturalis. Since then the company has played an integral part in the many changes in the lingerie industry.